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10 Reasons to switch to BLDC fans

Brush less Direct Current technology is shortly called BLDC technology. This technology when employed in fans, make them energy efficient.  The advantages of using BLDC fans are listed below.

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  1. Low Power Consumption
  2. No humming noise
  3. Lower voltage Operation
  4. Easy Speed control
  5. Timer and sleep mode
  6. No heat loss
  7. Reliable design
  8. Highest Service Value
  9. Longer life
  10. on site warranty support

The Benefits listed above are explained briefly.

Low Power Consumption

BLDC fans consumes power in the range of 28 to 35W. This is almost 65% lesser than the conventional fans that consume power in the range of 75 – 80W. The power consumption in lower speeds is much lesser than 28W. The table below gives an overview of power consumption by BLDC fans at different speeds.

Power Consumption at various speeds BLDC fans Vs Conventional Fans

Conventional Fans
14 ~ 6W14 ~ 16
28 ~ 10W25 ~ 27W
314 ~ 18W45 ~ 50W
419 ~ 24W55  ~ 60W
528 ~ 35 W75 ~ 80W

No Humming Noise

Most fans are associated with a humming noise, which may be a disturbance subconsciously  diluting the concentration during work or causing sleep disorder s during sleep. There is no humming noise associated with the BLDC fans, thus making them user friendly and noise free. 

Low Voltage Operation

BLDC fans operate even at a lower voltage such as 140V with full efficiency. This ensures that the fans runs at full speed even in the case of low voltage supply. 

Easy Speed Control

The speed control is made with the help of a remote control. The remote has speeds ranging from 1 to 5 with separate buttons for each. The speed also can be varied by toggling the switch to change to the next speed. Some fans come with a boost mode operation, in which the fan runs at a much higher speed with an additional power consumption of 4 Watts.

Timer and Sleep Mode

The timer mode helps to switch off the fan automatically at a pre determined time, which may be typically 1,2,3,6 or 9 hours. The sleep mode reduces the fan speed gradually during the sleep. This increases the comfort level and reduces the power consumption. 

No Heat loss

There will not be any heat generation even after continuous operation for very long hours. This increases the longevity of the fan.

Reliable design

The design of the BLDC fan is sensorless. The commutation i.e., conversion of AC to DC in the DC armature winding is done by back Electro Magnetic Force. This makes the design more reliable and increases the life of the fan.

Highest Service Value

Service value is the ratio of air delivery to the power consumed by the fan. Higher the ratio, higher is the efficiency of the fan. The air air delivery is as high as 270 cu.m per minute. The service value of BLDC fans is up to 8.8, making them the most energy efficient.

Longer life

Since the fan has no heat loss and has a reliable design due to the back EMF, the life of BLDC fans is as high as 18 years. 

On site warranty support

BLDC fans comes with an onsite warranty support for up to 5 years. While there will be a negligible need to call for a support because of the superior quality, the availability of onsite warranty support only increases the credibility.

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