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The journey of Energy Efficiency in Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans are one of the most widely used appliances in India. India, being a tropical country is usually hot or warm for most part of  a year. It is estimated that there are around 400 million fans in India running for around 7 hours a day. The average power consumption is understood to be around 40W considering the various speed levels that may be used. This translates to around 1,12,000 MU being consumed everyday leaving a huge potential for energy efficiency. The energy efficiency in fans have come a…

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Daylights Featured Posts

The benefits of daylights in work place

Daylights are nothing but natural lights used to light up an indoor area.There are various means to bring the daylight inside the building. The use of daylights has lot of benefits. Since the daylights bring the sunlight directly into the building the need for artificial lighting such as electrical lights are eliminated. However there are lot of other benefits besides eliminating the need for electrical lights. BENEFITS IN WORK PLACE Researches show that working under daylights, entices interest in the work that is being done. This increases the concentration and…

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Featured Posts LED Lights

How to choose the right LED light?

LED lights are becoming increasingly popular. What was seen as an expensive energy saving option a few years ago, LEDs have become a common appliances these days. Manufacturing companies, Commercial offices, small shops and municipal corporations are replacing their existing conventional lights to energy saving LEDs at regular intervals. There are lot of companies manufacturing LED lights now and the LED market is getting increasingly crowded and highly competitive. Choosing the right LED light is very important. The choosing criteria can be based on technical and non technical factors. Technical…

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farmers march-mumbai
Solar Energy

How Solar Energy helped farmers in march to Mumbai

Around 35,000 Farmers’ long march to Mumbai last week has forced the Government to concede to the demands of the farmers. The march from Nashik to Mumbai covered 180 Kms and spanned over five days. They had packed food and water for the long march. Mobile phones which have become a indispensable part of our life had to be charged at regular intervals. The farmers used solar mobile charges to charge their phones. The solar mobile charger has small solar panel of 3 W which is of 100 Sq. Cm…

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Energy Efficiency

The curious case of Energy Generation vs. Energy Efficiency

The energy requirements of the world has been increasing day by day and there are numerous policies to add power generation plants to the existing capacity. There are also lot of policies to increase the renewable sources of power generation. While it is heartening to see lot of initiatives are being taken to promote renewable sources such as wind, solar, hydro, hydel and geothermal, there is another aspect, which needs much more attention than it deserves. It is the energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is the process of reducing the input…

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Case Study Solar Water Heaters

Case study. 500 LPD solar water at a home for aged destitutes

Jeeva Jothi illam home for aged destitutes in Redhills, Chennnai is home to around 100 aged destitutes. It is run by Sisters of Gospel of Life. The inmates are taken care by nuns and workers. A hot water bath gives the aged inmates a comfortable stay. The home had a 2 x 500 LPD solar water system. However, one of the 500 LPD systems got severely damaged, beyond repair in the Varadhah cyclone in December 2016. That is when, we were called to get the hot water supply ready to…

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