Skyshade 45 Amps Dimming Lighting Controller



Dimming lighting controllers integrate daylights and electrical lights. They, in steps, automate the switching pattern of electrical lights in accordance with the natural light available. The desired lux level is preset and when the lux level from the sunlight comes below the preset level, the electrical lights get switched on in either two or three steps as predetermined. A maximum of 45 A lighting load can be connected to the controller.




  1. Automated three step control to maintain desired set point
  2. Set point can be adjusted using a visual interfacing monitoring unit
  3. Can manually override the automated functioning in the manual mode.
  4. Energy Consumption & savings is displayed
  5. Load cutoff during over voltage, under voltage, over current is displayed
  6. Any failure of electrical lamps is indicated


  1. Daylighting makes building spaces healthy with increase in quality and productivity
  2. Energy Saving potential up to 75% with shorter payback period
  3. Improves the building efficiency and carbon footprint
  4. Convenience of automation with lighting controls
  5. Lower heat gain in building reducing air conditioning
  6. Long life with low maintenance


It consists of three components

  1. Sensor:
    Sensor sense the daylight. It is placed in the sunlight collector. This measures the sunlight available and provides feedback to the lighting controller.
  2. Lighting Controller:
    Based on the lux level from the daylights, the light controller switches On or switches Off the electrical lights connected to it.The electric lights are divided into either two or three group based on the total lights present. If the desired lux level is not met by the daylights, the electrical light groups are switched on automatically one by one, till the desired lux level is met. The same thing happens in reverse,when there is sufficient lux level from the daylights.
  3. Luminaire Control panel
    The control panel records the energy saved on a periodic basis. It is available in daily / monthly and periodic basis. This can be accessed in remote as well. The configuration and manual over ride is done here.

Additional information

Dimmimg Type

Step, Smooth


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