Case Study Daylights

Case Study on heat reduction by Skyshade Norikool daylights in factories

Skyshade Norikool Daylight eliminates the transfer of heat into the buildings in  great extent. To understand the impact of Norikool in the the transfer of the heat, the following two case studies are helpful. Methodology The site temperature is measured using a fluke thermal imaging camera. In case study one, the difference in temperature between conventional skylight and skyshade norikool double glaze daylight is measured. In case study two, heat transmit at skyshade norikool double glaze daylights and the non insulated roof is measured and the difference in noted. CASE…

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Case Study Solar Water Heaters

Case study. 500 LPD solar water at a home for aged destitutes

Jeeva Jothi illam home for aged destitutes in Redhills, Chennnai is home to around 100 aged destitutes. It is run by Sisters of Gospel of Life. The inmates are taken care by nuns and workers. A hot water bath gives the aged inmates a comfortable stay. The home had a 2 x 500 LPD solar water system. However, one of the 500 LPD systems got severely damaged, beyond repair in the Varadhah cyclone in December 2016. That is when, we were called to get the hot water supply ready to…

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