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Components of On Grid Solar Photo Voltaic System

Solar Power Plants have become immensely popular and many people and private organisations have started installing solar power plants at their roof top spaces. The components of an on grid solar photo voltaic power plant are discussed here. Read:¬†Types of Solar photo voltaic power generation systems Generally there are two types of Solar Photo Voltaic Power Generation systems. One is called stand alone, popularly called Off Grid and the other one is the On Grid or Grid Connected. (For the best view in mobile, rotate the device horizontally) Stand Alone…

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farmers march-mumbai
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How Solar Energy helped farmers in march to Mumbai

Around 35,000 Farmers’ long march to Mumbai last week has forced the Government to concede to the demands of the farmers. The march from Nashik to Mumbai covered 180 Kms and spanned over five days. They had packed food and water for the long march. Mobile phones which have become a indispensable part of our life had to be charged at regular intervals. The farmers used solar mobile charges to charge their phones. The solar mobile charger has small solar panel of 3 W which is of 100 Sq. Cm…

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