Skyshade Norikool Double Glazing Daylight – Mini



Norikool – ADSTM is an Advanced Daylighting Solution for Industries & Buildings, that can replace Strip/Roof lights in Industries and Pre-engineered Metal Buildings. It delivers exceptional daylight with negligible or minimal heat transfer. It can replace Strip/Roof lights in.

Lumen Output: 25,000 lumens

Approximate Area Coverage: 600Sq.ft.

Size: 1.2m x 1m

Roof Height: Above 15m

Warranty: 5 Years Leak proof onsite warranty

Applications: Factory Shop Floor | Warehouse | Pre Engineered Buildings | RCC Roof buildings | Commercial Buildings | Hyper Reatil Stores


Norikool Glazing Description

Glazing layer Glazing Material
Outer Glazing3mm thick clear
Prismatic poly carbonate lens.
Intermediate Glazing (applicable only to triple glazing)3mm thick clear
Prismatic poly carbonate lens.
Inside Glazing (not applicable to single glazing)2mm thick pigmented
poly carbonate lens.

Norikool Dimensions - NK 64 DGZ

Aperture Dimensions0.6m X 0.4m
Flange Outer Dimensions0.65m X 0.45m
Roof Metal KerbMetal Kerb built with 0.6mm thick
Galvanized iron sheet, completely welded.
Metal kerb height on upward side125mm
Gasket between glazing and metal kerb3mm thick EPDM
Glazing fixing hardwareStainless steel Nut & Bolts

Norikool Glazing Material Properties

Impact strength- IZOD
ASTMD-256800 J/M
Long term Service
-500to + 100 C
Heat Deflection
ASTMD – 648135 C
Light Transmission:72 %
Yellowness IndexASTMD-1925<1
DIN 4102


  • Daylighting improves LEED ratings of green buildings.
  • High light transmission = 72 %.
  • Uniform lighting distribution across the space.
  • Double/Triple glazed system.
  • Noise reduction.
  • Factory manufactured metal Kerb for leak proof arrangement.
  • Long life, maintenance free Daylighting solution.
  • Warranty 5 Years.

LEED Ratings

Daylighting improves LEED ratings of green buildings. Points can be scored on aspects of daylight availability, controls, Renewable energy and etc. in green buildings.

Key Benifits

  • Long Daylighting
  • Zero energy Consumption
  • No heat buildup
  • Less than 2% of roof area
  • Leed rating credits


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