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Though our core area of service is in the field of solar, we look into energy efficiency before implementing solar based application. By doing so we drastically reduce the energy consumption, thus reducing the capacity of the required solar energy capacity, which ultimately reduces the cost and optimises the energy. To achieve this, we follow the following steps.

Identifying the Scope of Energy Saving

* A basic study of the electrical appliances used

* An understanding of Energy Consumption Pattern

* Identifying ways to save Energy

Installing Suitable Energy Saving Devices

* Identify Electrical appliances, consuming less power, based on the energy consumption pattern

* Estimating the payback period for the energy saving devices

* Procure and Install Energy Saving Devices

Installation of Solar Based Equipments

* Identify the suitable solar based Equipments as per the consumption Pattern

* Estimating the payback period for the solar based Equipments

* Procure and Install Solar Based Equipments

Energy Conservation Pattern

* Based on the newly Installed Energy Saving Devices and Solar Based Equipments, an Energy Conservation pattern is designed

* Help in implementing and following the Energy Conservation Solutions

Customised Financial Packages

* The customers financial needs are identified

* As per the customer needs, financial packages are designed and delivered

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