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How to choose the right ceiling fan for your workplace

Ceiling fans are widely used in workplaces. Even though many work places have centralized or other type of air conditioners, ceiling fans are still used for ventilation purposes. The selection of the ceiling fans is fundamentally based on the following factors

  1. Room size
  2. Energy consumption.
  3. Payback Period

Room Size

Based on the room size, the fans can be selected by the blade span. Blade span is calculated by multiplying the length from the center of the fan to blade by two.

Blade Span =  Distance from the center of the fan to the blade x 2

Typically blade span ranges from 900mm to 1400mm

The following table gives an overview of fan selection with respect to the room size.

Ceiling Fan Selection by Room Size

Room Size (Sq. ft Blade Span of the fan (mm / inch)
up to 1401050/42
140 - 220 1200/48
220 - 4001400/56

From the table it can be inferred, that for a room size up to 140 Sq. ft., a fan with 42″ blade span would be suitable and for a room of around 400 Sq. ft, a fan with a 56″ blade span can be selected. For rooms with larger areas, multiple fans with suitable blade span can be used. For instance, a 1,000 sq. ft. room can have five numbers of fans with 48″ blade span each or three numbers of fans with 56″ bade span each.

Energy consumption

Conventional ceiling fans consume anywhere between 75 – 80 watt. The traditional energy-saving fans that are available consume anywhere between 45 – 50 watt. The BLDC fans that are the most energy-efficient consume anywhere between 24 – 38 watt.

Ceiling Fan Selection by Energy Consumption

Power Consumption Ceiling Fan Type Payback period*
60 - 80WConventional FansNA
40 - 50WTraditional energy-saving fans13 - 18 months
24 - 35WBLDC Fans9 - 12 months
*Calculated considering 8 hours usage per day for 365 days at an unit electricity rate of Rs. 8 with an additional investment of Rs. 1,300 for BLDC fans and Rs. 1,000 for traditional energy-saving fans over conventional Fans

Payback period

Payback period or return on investment is usually considered while purchasing items that are priced higher when compared to traditionally available items. The payback period in using BLDC fans is up to 12 months and up to 18 months while using traditional energy-saving fans

Payback Calculation for Energy Saving Ceiling Fans

Particulars BLDC fans Traditional energy-saving fans Conventional Fans
Daily Usage Hours/Day
Electricity Rate/ Unit
Rs. 10Rs. 10Rs. 10
No of days used /Year
Number of Hours run for consuming 1 Unit of Power
Unit of Power consumed by a fan for running 8 hours a day
Unit of electricity for a fan /year
Amount spent per fan /year
Rs. 700.8Rs. 1,460Rs. 2,336
Total Cost Saving in 1 Year/ per fan (in comparison with conventional fans)
Rs. 1,635.2Rs. 876NA
Difference in Investment, when compared to conventional fans
Rs. 1,300Rs. 1,000NA
Payback period9.6 months13.7 monthsNA

BLDC fans consume the least power and gives a quicker return on investment. Moreover, BLDC fans can last for as long as 18 years with good efficiency making them the most economical ceiling fans now available.

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