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New logo of Ulaginoli Energy Solutions unveiled

The new logo of Ulaginoli Energy Solutions has been released. The logo symbolises the vision of the organisation, “To solve the global energy crisis by delivering sustainable green and energy efficient solutions“.

The name of the organisation, Ulaginoli, which means, “Light of the World” is very well replicated in the logo. The circle represents the world and sun, the light. The green ring around the circle conveys the objective of making the earth “Green” through the sustainable solutions thereby contributing to solve the global energy crisis.

The colours used in the logo depict the traits of the organisation. Blue denotes the financial stability of the organisation. Green, the eco friendly solutions provided by the organisation and Red the exciting solutions being offered.

The various solutions offered at Ulaginoli Energy Solutions are

ü Solar Energy Solutions

ü Energy Audit

ü Carbon Advisory Services

ü Green Building Consulting

All these solutions lead to a clean and green earth, helping us to follow a healthy lifestyle.

The full scale operations of the oragnization is expected to start very soon.

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