Ulaginoli’s Solar Water Heaters (Anu Solar Water Heater) becomes the channel partner of Govt. of India to offer direct subsidy

Anu Solar Water Heaters, the brand supplied by Ulaginoli Energy Solutions, has been recently approved by the Government of India, to be the its Channel partner in offering subsidy to the customers of solar water heaters. This was recently announced by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India.

This accreditation by the MNRE allows the brand to discount the subsidised amount from the total cost of the Solar Water Heater directly. The MNRE would later reimburse the subsidised amount to the company.

This is the first and the only brand so far in the entire South India to be made as a channel partner in delivering the subsidy.

This gives the brand an enormous first mover advantage and also would encourge domestic customers to move to solar water heaters, instead of the conventional electric geyser, which consumes huge amount of electricty leading to high peak power even during the early hours of a day.

This also eliminates the pain of customers in applying separately for subsidy and waiting for approval from the respective state nodal agency.

The warranty of the Solar Water Heaters has been increased to 5 years from one year under the direct subsidy scheme.

With the direct subsidy in place, it is expected that the sales of Anu Solar Water Heaters would go high in the Southern States of India.

The subsidy is available for both Flat Plate Collector model and Evacuated Tube Collector model of Solar Water heaters.

Terms and Conditions to avail the subsidy

  • Customers are requested to submit a photocopy of their ID & address proof and two passport size photograph to avail the subsidy.
  • The Subsidy will be deducted directly from the price. Customers need not apply seperately to avail the subsidy from the Government.
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Customers are requested to pay 100% payment upfront, while booking.
  • The supply and instalation will be done within 10 working days from the date of purchase order along with 100% payment.
  • The cost of transportation, if any would vary based on the location and will be at actuals.
  • Solar Water Heaters once solad, cannot be taken back.

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