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Choolaimedu outlet to showcase energy efficient products soon

Ulaginoli Energy Solutions has set up one more outlet to showcase its energy efficient products. The new outlet at Choolaimedu, Chennai is thrid in the series following the existing ones at Trichy and Pudukkottai.
The energy efficient products, mainly LEDs, which save energy ranging from 50 to 90% will be put up in display at the new outlet.
The major operations of Ulaginoli Energy Soutions will be carried out from the new outlet at Choolaimedu, though the Kodambakkam office will continue to be the registered office.

Some of the LEDs that would be available are lsited below

Indoor LED Lights

  • 2 W LED bulb
  • 3 W LED Bulb
  • 4 W LED Bulb
  • 6 W LED Down Light
  • 10 W LED Down Light
  • 9 W LED Tubelight
  • 18 W LED Tubelight
  • 12 W LED Ceiling Light
  • 48 W LED Ceiling Light

Outdoor LED Lights

LED Street Lights

  • 6 W LED
  • 12 W LED
  • 18 W LED
  • 24 W LED
  • 27 W LED
  • 35 W LED
  • 40 W LED
  • 70 W LED

LED Flood Lights

  • 12 W LEDFlood Light
  • 18 W LED Flood Light
  • 24 W LED Flood Light

Address of the Choolaimedu Outlet:
G2, #23 (Old No. 18), Zackariya Colony III Street, Choolaimedu, Chennai – 600094

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