How to Series LED Lights

How to choose the right LED colour

Two major facts that comes to minds of users about LED lights is the lesser power consumption and a longer lifetime. The other important factor that has to be considered while choosing the LED Light is the colour, the light emits. 

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Colour Temperature

The colour of the LED Lights is described by a term called “Colour Temperature”. It is measured in terms of Kelvin (K).  Though the term has the word temperature in it, it does not refer to the operating temperature of the light.  The colour temperature ranges from 0 to 10,000K. The lights are classified in the several ranges so as to understand the output light in a better way.  Colour temperature in the range from 1000K to 3000K are slightly yellowish in colour. As the temperature proceeds from 3000K towards 10,000K, it becomes white and then blueish.

Ranges of colour temperature

Temperature Range

Temperature Range
Light Output
Less than 2200KFlame
2700KWarm White
5000KCool White

As the value goes higher, the light is called cool, while lower temperature ranges are called warm.

View through different colour temperatures
Image Courtesy: SYSKA

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The colour temperature that has to be chosen depends on the application for which the LED light is being used. 


The lights in this color temperature are better suited for decorative purposes and mild ambiance. 


LED Lights with a colour temperature of around 3000K are best suited for bedroom lighting as they are suitable to have a mild ambiance. 


Cool white LED lights which have a colour temperature of around 5000K are best suited for bathrooms and kitchens as they have provide good visibility. 


6500K is the daylight and LED lights providing such output are best suited for educational institutions, office applications and industrial shop floor. They best render the sunlight. 

Temperature RangeApplication
2700K Decorative purposes
5000KBathrooms and Kitchens
6500KEducational institutions, office space and Shop floor

Thus colour temperature is an important aspect in deciding the choice of the LED light. If carefully selected based on the application, the light output will be very effective and a pleasant ambiance can be enjoyed. 

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