National Energy Conservation Awards 2010_Questionnaire for SDA

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Award for Excellence in Energy Conservation and Management


The objective of the scheme is to give national recognition to the management of respective SDAs who have made systematic and serious attempts for efficient utilization and conservation of energy during the past year.


First and second prizes are proposed to be given to the management of SDA in the form of a Silver Plaque with appropriate citation on such awards as may be decided by the Ministry of Power. The performance of the SDA would be judged through a questionnaire (format enclosed) which would be evaluated by an Award Committee.

It is not necessary to give first and second prize to the SDAs. The Award Committee would take a final decision depending upon the number of entries received and other considerations.


The scheme is open to all SDAs.

Criteria for Judging Merit

a) The Award Committee will decide the recipient of the awards on the basis of outstanding achievements and contribution in the field of energy conservation and management.

b) The Award may not necessarily be decided on the basis of only quantitative achievements but also taking into account the various other factors such as innovative techniques adopted for undertaking the activities of Energy Conservation in the respective state, etc.

c) The members of the Award Committee or their nominees may visit SDAs for verification of data supplied, if felt necessary, and it will be obligatory on the part of the management to provide necessary co-operation. The SDAs have to bear all the expenditure in this regard.

e) The Committee’s decision would be final and no appeal would be entertained.

Submission of nomination

The filled in Questionnaire should reach the office of

Director General

Bureau of Energy Efficiency

4th Floor, Sewa Bhawan

R. K. Puram, New Delhi-110 066

Tel. No.: 011-2617 9699 (5 lines)

Fax No.: 011- 2617 8328, 2617 8352

Latest by 20th October, 2010


1. The current year’s Questionnaire is a revised version and contains some changes at appropriate places. Therefore, please do not use the last year’s Questionnaire while submitting your application for consideration of Award

2. You may download the Questionnaire from www.bee-india.nic.in & www.energymanagertraining.com.

3. The filled in application can also be e–mailed at awards@beenet.in followed by submission of duly signed hard copy by post at BEE office address.





Name of the SDA


Year of commencement of SDA


Complete Address of SDA location (including Chief Executive’s name & designation) with telephone no., fax no. & E-mail Address


Name, Designation, Address, Telephone, mobile, fax nos. & E-mail of responsible person who could be contacted in connection with the application for award


Ø List of Activities undertaken by SDAs in 2009-10 & 2008-09

Ø Quantum of Energy saved by carrying out the EC Activities in 2009-10

Ø List of high impact Demo projects carried out in the area of Lighting, Buildings , Municipalities and the amount of energy saved


Ø List of Notifications/Regulations issued for Energy Conservation activities in the state till the year 2009-10


Ø Status of fund utilization with regards to the grant received from Bureau of Energy Efficiency for Energy Conservation Activities


Ø Annual Report on Impact of EC Act and other activities carried out by SDAs related to Energy Conservation measures in year 2008-09 and 2009-10


Ø Status of Energy Conservation Fund / provision of funds in the state budget on Energy Conservation

Evaluation Criteria –
State Designated Agencies
Max 50 marks
Energy Saved in 2008-09
Electricity Consumption in MU in the state during 2008-09
Energy saved in MU by carrying out EC activities during 2008-09
% Savings in 2008-09 (10 marks)
Activities undertaken by SDA during 2007-08 & 2008-09
Estalishment of IT infrastructure (2.5 marks)
Organizing workshops/ seminars involving EMs /EA & DCs or involving officials from other Govt. Departments (2.5 marks)
Conducting Awareness programme (2.5 marks)
Number of buildings identified for Investment Grade Energy Audit
Number of buildings, IGEA has been carried out
% of buildings for which IGEA has been conducted
Marks for IGEA (2.5 marks)

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