National Energy Conservation Awards 2010_Questionnaire for Shopping Malls

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Award for Excellence in Energy Conservation and Management


The objective of the scheme is to give national recognition to the management of Shopping Mall buildings who have made systematic and serious attempts for efficient utilization and conservation of energy during the years 2008 – 09 and 2009 -10.


First and second prizes are proposed to be given to the management of nominated Shopping Mall buildings in the form of a Silver Plaque with appropriate citation on such awards as may be decided by the Ministry of Power. The performance of the nominated Shopping Mall buildings would be judged through a questionnaire (format enclosed) which would be evaluated by an Award Committee.


The scheme is open to all SHOPPING MALL buildings, which are having connected load of 200 kW and above (Office, Hotel & Hospital Buildings to submit their applications separately under National Energy Conservation Award Scheme for Office, Hotel & Hospital Buildings – 2010)

Criteria for Judging Merit

a) Evaluation of the nominations will be done in two phases, based on the Evaluation and Weightage criteria as given in Annexure-A

b) In the first phase, evaluation will be made on the basis of the preliminary information, as required in Part – I and the best 10% of the participating shopping malls (subject to minimum of 4 shopping malls) would be short listed.

c) These shortlisted shopping malls would then have to submit the details of the savings made and the projects implemented, as required in Part-II within 8 days from the date of intimation by BEE.

d) The members of the Award Committee or their nominees may visit participating shopping malls for verification of data supplied, if felt necessary and it will be obligatory on the part of the participating shopping malls to provide necessary
co-operation. The management of the shopping malls has to bear all the expenditure in this connection.

e) The Committee’s decision would be final and no appeal would be entertained.

Instructions for Filling up the ‘Award Questionnaire’

a) The data required for the questionnaire pertains to the accounting years (2008-09, 2009-10. If calendar year is the accounting year, then data should pertain to the years 2008 and 2009)

b) The enclosed questionnaire is only a format and thus information sought should be separately computer printed or neatly typed or to be downloaded from the Bureau’s Website: www.bee-india.nic.in and www.energymanagertraining.com

c) The answers to the questions should be precise and specific and should be

supplied in total compliance with the questionnaire format. The deviations

may lead to improper evaluation or the rejection of the nomination.

d) The information sought under any head should be highlighted under the same and no separate annexure should be attached.

e) Each and every query mentioned in the questionnaire needs to be answered. Even, if answer is ‘NO’ or `NOT APPLICABLE’ the same may be stated, instead of ignoring it.

f) The questionnaire should be filled in by a competent and responsible person of the company. He/ she should be fully conversant with the energy terms and units, conversion / multiplying factors etc. The duly filled-in questionnaire should be signed by the Chief Executive of the shopping malls.

Submission of nomination

The filled in Questionnaires should reach the office of

Director General

Bureau of Energy Efficiency

4th Floor, Sewa Bhawan

R. K. Puram, New Delhi-110 066

Tel. No.: 011-2617 9699 (5 lines)

Fax No.: 011- 2617 8328, 2617 8352

Latest by 20th October, 2010


1. The current year’s Questionnaire is a revised version and contains some changes at appropriate places. Therefore, please do not use the last year’s Questionnaire while submitting your application for consideration of Award

2. You may download the Questionnaire from www.bee-india.nic.in & www.energymanagertraining.com.

3. The filled in application can also be e–mailed at awards@beenet.in followed by submission of duly signed hard copy by post at BEE office address.

Part 1 (To be submitted by 20th October 2010)
“Award Questionnaire”
Note: Shopping Mall Buildings having connected load of 200 kW and above are eligible to participate in the Award Scheme
Sl. No General Description
1 Name of the organization owning and maintaining the nominated Shopping Mall Building
2 Specific name of the nominated Shopping Mall building
3 Year of commencement of the commercial activities in the building
4 Complete address of Shopping Mall building’s location (including Chief Executive’s name & designation) with telephone, fax nos., E-Mail and Mobile nos.
(All details to be submitted)
5 Name, designation, address, telephone, mobile,fax nos. & E-Mail of responsible person who could be contacted in connection with the application for Award
(All details to be submitted)
6 Description of the Shopping Mall Building and Connected Load (kW)
6 (a) Building Status (Please tick appropriate box) Stand alone building Part of a building complex

6 (b) No. of floors ______
6 (c) Shopping Mall Building Area and Connected Load 2008 – 09 2009 – 10
(i) Total Built up Area (in m2)
(ii) Air-conditioned area (in m2)
(iii) Non-Airconditioned area (in m2)
(iv) Total Connected Load ( in kW)
6 (d) Shopping Mall Building contract demand with electric utility company (kVA)
6 (e) Average power factor for the period
6 (f) Shopping Mall Building operating hours/ Year
7 Electricity Energy Consumption in the Shopping Mall Building
Energy used Units 2008 – 09 2009 – 10
7 Electricity Consumption
(a) Electricity Purchased Lakh kWh
(b) Self generated Lakh kWh
(c) Total Electricity Consumption (a+b) Lakh kWh
(d) Total electricity consumption/ Total built-up area (in kWh/m2) =7 (c) x 105 kWh/m2
6 (c) (i)
8 Achievement of energy savings from implementation of new Energy Efficiency Projects during the year 2009-10 (The energy savings achieved shall only from the projects which have been implemented during 2009-10)
Year Annual Electricity Savings
Lakh kWh
Year Annual Energy Savings in
Rs. Lakhs
One time Investment in
Rs. Lakhs
9 Summary
Please summarize the information and data provided in this questionnaire as per the format given below:
Unit Name ………………………………………………
9a. Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) Reduction during the period 2008 – 2010
(S.No. 7 (d))
Year Total electricity consumption/ Total built-up area (kWh/m2) % Reduction over
2008 – 09
2008 – 09
2009 – 10
9b. Absolute Savings
Elect. Saving (Lakh kWh)
in 2009-10
Elect.Consumption ( lakh kWh) in
% Elect.Saving (savings achieved/ electricity consumption of previous year)
(i) (ii) (i) / (ii) x 100
PART-II (To be submitted after intimation by BEE)
“Award Questionnaire”
1 Name of the Shopping Mall
2 The Sector* to which unit’s nomination should be considered
3 Complete address of Shopping Mall location
(including Chief Executive’s name & designation)
with mobile,telephone,fax nos. & e-mail
4 Name, designation, address, mobile, telephone, fax nos. & e-mail of responsible person who could be contacted in connection with the application for Award
5 Please provide details in the following format on major energy efficiency improvement projects/ measures including in-house R&D efforts, technology innovation, energy substitution and renewable energy systems commissioned during the year 2009-2010 giving energy savings achieved. (please also fill-up the Part II – Annexure for the Energy Conservation Measures implemented during the year 2009-2010).
Year of Commissioning of the projects Project description Achievement of Annual energy savings in 2009-10 Investment incurred on the project Rs. Lakhs)
Electricity Fuels* Total savings in (Rs. Lakhs)
(Lakhs kWh) F.Oil /HSD(kL) Gas (lakhs Nm3) Total (fuel) in Mkcal)
(i) Please list the projects title names which were implemented during the year (ii) Please mention the achievement of energy saving against each projects in the suitable columns.
* Delete or add fuels as the case may be
I, ………………….. Solemnly declare that to the best of my knowledge the information given in the Award Questionnaire (National Energy Conservation Award-2010) thereto is correct and complete.
(Signature of the Chief Executive)
Place: Name & designation of the Chief Executive ………………………………
Mobile No. ………………………………………
Organisation Seal ………………………………………
1. Copies of Certificate pertaining to statutory requirements such as safety and pollution control for the period 2009-10 are enclosed.
2. A brief write up of the unit (not more than 3-4 pages) along with photographs depicting equipment / locations where energy efficiency activities have been undertaken and a CD containing the same is attached (Sample writeup may be seen at www.bee-india.nic.in)
Note: The Part-II and Part-II-Annexure to be kept ready and to be dispatched immediately after the intimation sent by BEE


(To be submitted along with Part –II after intimation by BEE)

Energy Conservation Measure implemented in 2009-10

(To be filled up separately for each Energy Conservation Measure implemented)

ID to be filled by BEE

Title of the measure

Sector :Shopping Mall Buildings.

Year : 2009-10

Technology ………………

Description of the energy conservation measure:

Picture/ sketch/ drawing before modification

(if available)

Picture/ sketch/ drawing after modification

Agency that executed the project (with complete address and email):

Total investment, Rs.

Year of implementation:

First year energy cost savings, Rs.

First year other savings, Rs.

On annual basis









Energy consumption before

Energy consumption after

Energy tariff, Rs/ kWh/ Tonnes/ Nm3/ kL …

Plant/ Establishment complete address:

Contact person who could be contacted for more information:

We authorise Bureau to use this information for dissemination



Note: Please submit this sheet separately for each Energy Conservation Measure implemented in 2009-10 and a CD containing the above information may be enclosed.

Annexure – A
NECA – 2010 – Evaluation & Weightage criteria – Shopping Mall Buildings
Sr. No. ITEM Max 50 marks
1 ENERGY SAVINGS – Electrical
Electrical Energy savings in lakh kWh for 2009-10
% Saving in EE over the previous year 2008-09 (20 marks)
% reduction in Electric energy consumption/Total built-up area during
2009-10 over 2008-09
(20 marks)
3 % reduction in Total energy/Total built-up area comparison with the best reported values among the participating units (10 marks)
NOTE: 1. The above evaluation and weightage criteria is common for all the Shopping Mall buildings. If due to some peculiar characteristics of the participating sectors, the application of the above criteria may not be feasible.Therefore, Award Committee reserves the right to modify the criteria, which shall be uniformly applied to all the participating buildings in that particular sector.
2 For those particular shopping malls, where it is not feasible to compare SEC with best reported value, 50% of the weightage may be merged with S.No.-2 and the balance 50% with S.No.-1
3 The Shopping Malls having negative specific energy consumption
reduction shall not be considered for the award
4 For all the evaluation criteria, if the difference between the first and second shopping mall building in the particular criteria is more than 10% in the percentage score, then the second best building will be awarded 20% less marks than that of the first unit and prorate will start from that building onward. Similarly, if the difference between second and third building is also found to be more than 10% the above methodology will be followed till the completion of the evaluation criteria of all the units

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