An introduction to Ventilights
Daylights Product Introduction Series

An introduction to Ventilights

Ventilights are combination of daylights and wind turbo ventilators. Daylights bring sunlight in to the building without any heat, while wind turbo ventilators exhaust the hot air inside the premises.

Daylights, bring the natural sunlight in to the building without any heat. They eliminate the need for any electrical lights during the daytime. As they eliminate the sun heat, the area is not heated up due to the presence of sunlight.

ventilight with norikool and lightpipe

Wind turbo ventilators move air continually inside and outside of the building. In this process the hot air inside the building moves out, and cold air comes inside the building, thereby decreasing the room temperature of the building.

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The ventilight harnesses the sunlight and the wind to impart air flow by centrifugal force. As the turbo ventilator rotates, the centrifugal force draws air towards the spinning vanes and out of the turbine. 

The turbo ventilator is made up of a top cover, vertical shaft, wind blade, stand bar, ball bearings and pitch throat also called neck. 

Parts of a wind turbo ventilator

The turbo ventilator operates with wind velocity and convection. The blades are extremely light weight. A small movement of air will make it move. This makes the air below the turbo ventilator to be at a lower pressure than that of the air outside. The air outside has higher pressure. Due to the pressure difference, the hot air inside the building is pushed out by cooler air coming from outside. The temperature difference between the air inside and the air outside causes the difference in the density between air inside and outside the building.   Even when there is no wind, there is movement of cool air inside and hot air outside due to convention.

Either Norikool or Lightpipe is installed along with the turbo ventilator to bring sunlight in to the building without heat. Lightpipes are tubular daylight products, while Norikool is prismatic daylight product.

The Lightpipes transmit the sunlight  collected outside the building into it through a tubular arrangement. The Lightpipe transmits light without heat through the three major parts listed below.

  1. Light Collector
  2. Reflective System
  3. Light Diffuser

Norikool is an Advanced Daylighting Solution for Industries & Buildings, that can replace Strip/Roof lights in Industries and Pre-engineered Metal Buildings. It delivers exceptional daylight with negligible or minimal heat transfer. It can replace Strip/Roof lights in. Unlike traditional translucent sheets, Norikool is easy to install and maintain. The heat transfer is very less, while the transmission and distribution of light is very much better than those in traditional translucent sheets.

It is made of polycarbonate sheet with several minute prismatic structures. It comes in two sizes 1.2m x 1 m and 0.6m x 0.4m. It is installed in three different types of glazing viz, singledouble and triple glazing.

The operation of these Lightpipes and Norikool can be learnt from an earlier article. Click here to read.


The ventilights can be integrated with lighting controls. These lighting controls automate the switching pattern of the electrical lights. This ensures that electrical lights are switched off when there is requisite lighting from daylights and switched on when the lighting from the daylights are less than the requisite light level. Click here to read more about lighting automation.

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Benefits of Ventilights

  • The room temperature comes down by 4 – 5 degrees.
  • Eliminates the need for electrical lights in the daytime.
  • Saves up to 100% in electricity bills as it eliminates the need for electrical lights and electrically powered exhaust devices.
  • The daylight by nature eliminates the heat from the sun. The heat build up inside the building due to the presence of humans and machines is sent out through the wind turbo ventilator.
  • The capital cost is very low
  • It is reliable
  • It has a long life with a five year leak proof warranty
  • It can withstand a wind velocity up to 100mph
  • It is maintenance free
  • There is no operational cost as it operates on renewable energy. The daylight operates through solar lighting and the turbo ventilator with the help of wind energy.

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