Advantage Series Daylights

An introduction to daylight products

Daylights are products that allow sunlight into the building without any heat. The daylights are basically of two types, one is tubular type popularly known as lightpipe or solar pipe and the other is prismatic daylights usually known as Norikool daylights.



The lightpipes transmit the sunlight  collected outside the building into it through a tubular arrangement. The lightpipe consists of three major parts listed below.

  1. Light Collector
  2. Reflective System
  3. Light Diffuser


The light collector collects sunlight from all directions and delivers light effectively through out the day even at low sun angles. Since the collector can collect sunlight even at a low angle, the light collection in the mornings and evenings are boosted. The lightpipe delivers more uniform light throughout the day, while partially rejecting mid noon sun radiation and blocking UV radiation.

Lightpipe – Sunlight Capture System

1Sunlight Collector CoverThe Transparent, Clear dome allows light to be
collected across the sky from all directions.
2ShapeIt should be moulded, Single Piece, dome
3MaterialClear, transparent polycarbonate.
4ThicknessTo be formed out of 3mm thick clear
polycarbonate sheet.
5UV coating thickness for Raw
material sheet
80 Microns
6UV BlockUpto 99% (UV A&B)
7Impact Strength600-800 J/M (ASTM D256)
8Flame Redundancy Limiting Oxygen index LOI -25(ISO 4589 ASTMD 2863)
9Light Transmission83% Test Standard
10Heat Resistance Temperative45º – 150º Celsius (DIN 53460)(VICAT VST/B)
11Thermal Conductivity0.21 /m0c (DIN 52612)


The reflector system delivers high luminance without colour shift even on cloudy days. The reflector is mirror finished. The reflector also called light transfer system comes in four different diameters viz., 300mm, 400mm, 530mm and 750mm. Below is a specification of a 530mm lightpipe transfer system. The specification of other diameter lightpipes is also almost similar.

Lightpipe – Light Transfer System -530mm

1Diameter 530 mm
2ShapeCylindrical Shape
4Total Reflectivity98%
5Material ThicknessNot less than 0.4 mm
6Protection Film PE foil not UV Resistant
7Bends (in degrees)90 & 45
8Universal Roof adopter Two piece, adjustable, universal roof adopter of
standard length (570mm – 600mm)
9Adjustable angle0° – 30° pitch angle of roofs. For angles above 30°,
customer to specify
10DiametersTo match LPR 530mm


The diffuser spreads the light into the building minimizing the glare and with comfort to humans inside the building. To give a pleasing light, the diffuser is categorized into three types, viz., clear bright, soft white and bright vision. Read the selection guide to find out the suitable diffuser for your application.

Lightpipe – Light Diffuser

1ShapeIt should be moulded, single piece flat/ Dome Shape (like a flat
bowl) for better distribution of light.
2MaterialPolycarbonate Clear Bright Prismatic or Pigmented Soft White skyshade-lightpipe-clear-bright-diffuser skyshade-lightpipe-soft-white-diffuser
3ThicknessTo be formed out of 2mm Thick material.
Not less than 80%.
5Diffuser RingInjection molded ABS plastic ring – white color.
Diffuser double glazed with 1.0mm thick clear polycarbonate with
90% Light Transmission.
7Diffuser to
pipe fixing
Locking provision of pipe into the diffuser ring with silicon seal.

Lightpipe – Diffuser Selection Guide

The diffuser is the lower most part of the lightpipe through which the sunlight is distibuted into the building, It is of three types namely, clear bright, soft white and bright vision.
ParametersClear Bright Diffuser Soft White Diffuser Bright Vision Light Diffuser
LightHigh light transmissionSoft, pleasing lightHigh light transmission
Light DistributionMedium light DistributionHigh lighting distributionControlled light distribution
Roof HeightApplicable for high roofApplicable for low roofApplicable for high and medium roof
ApplicationIndustries and WarehousesOffices and ResidencesCommercial
buildings, Warehouses, Industrial
Buildings and Offices
ShapeDome ShapeDome & Flat ShapedFlat shaped


The lightpipe comes in different diameters and length. The below table gives an overview.

Lightpipe Selection Guide

The selection of lightpipes basically depends on the roof height and the lumen required.
Roof HeightLumens RequiredArea to be coveredEquivalent Mercury Vapour LampMaximum length of the lightpipeRecommended Lightpipe
Up to 3mUp to 4,000150 Sq.ft. / 15 Sq.m.90 W4 – 5 meters300mm
Up to 5mUp to 8,000250 Sq.ft. / 23 Sq.m.180 W6 – 8 meters400mm
Up to 7mUp to 12,000450 Sq.ft. / 42 Sq.m.300 W10 – 12 meters530mm
Up to 12mUp to 22,000850 Sq.ft. / 80 Sq.m.475 WIdeal for shorter lengths750mm


The lightpipe minimizes the heat transfer . The high performance light collector partially rejects the mid noon sunlight thus effectively rejecting any additional heat. The static air column in the reflector system does not allow heat to be transmitted.

Some photos from installed sites

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Prismatic Daylights @ Norikool

Norikool is an Advanced Daylighting Solution for Industries & Buildings, that can replace Strip/Roof lights in Industries and Pre-engineered Metal Buildings. It delivers exceptional daylight with negligible or minimal heat transfer. It can replace Strip/Roof lights in. Unlike traditional translucent sheets, norikool is easy to install and maintain. The heat transfer is very less, while the transmission and distribution of light is very much better than those in traditional translucent sheets.

It is made of polycarbonate sheet with several minute prismatic structures. It comes in two sizes 1.2m x 1 m and 0.6m x 0.4m. It is installed in three different types of glazing viz, single, double and triple glazing.



The selection guide to choose the right norikool is given below.

Norikool Selection Guide

Norikool is ideal in cases where there is an open ceiling. As norikool does not have any part of it protruding inside the buildings, the lights will be obstructed if there is a false ceiling. Like lightpipe, the choice of Norikool also depends on the height of the roof and the required lumen.
Roof HeightRequired Light TransmissionApproximate lumen Required Approximate area to be coveredRecommended Glazing
15 metersUp to 72%Up to 60,0002000 Sq.ft.1.2m x 1m Single Glazing
15 metersUp to 57%Up to 47,5001600 Sq.ft.1.2m x 1m Triple Glazing
10 – 15 metersUp to 68%Up to 56,6701800 Sq.ft.1.2m x 1m Double Glazing
10 – 15 metersUp to 57%Up to 47,5001600 Sq.ft.1.2m x 1m Triple Glazing
Less than 10 metersUp to 68%Up to 56,6701800 Sq.ft.1.2m x 1m Double Glazing
3 – 5 metersUp to 68%Up to 25,000600 Sq.ft.0.6m x 0.4m Double Glazing Mini


Norikool occupies very less space when compared to traditional skylights thereby allowing negligible amount of heat inside the building. A detailed case studies on heat transfer by norikool can be read here.

Some photos from installed sites

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