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The benefits of daylights in work place

Daylights are nothing but natural lights used to light up an indoor area.There are various means to bring the daylight inside the building. The use of daylights has lot of benefits. Since the daylights bring the sunlight directly into the building the need for artificial lighting such as electrical lights are eliminated. However there are lot of other benefits besides eliminating the need for electrical lights.


Researches show that working under daylights, entices interest in the work that is being done. This increases the concentration and improves the focus on the job. When the focus on the job increases, it naturally leads to minimal or negligible distraction with improved attendance and resulting in improved performance and increased productivity. To be precise, daylights improve the working environments giving an overall sense of satisfaction to the people.

According to a research by The Heschong Mahone Group, Inc., office workers perform 6 to 12 percent faster when their indoor work environment offers exposure to daylight.

Constant exposure to daylights has resulted in a higher level of concentration and better short-term memory recall according to a research by  California Energy Commission. The research further found that students in classrooms with the highest levels of daylight performed 7 to 18 percent higher on standardized tests.


It is also discovered that working under daylights prevents eye strain. The Sacramento Municipal Utility District found that the people when working in rooms with daylights perform 10 to 25 percent better on tests of mental function and memory recall.

Working under daylights helps in eliminating negative health symptoms and alleviate sleep disorders and even breast cancer  It also helps to be more optimistic and have a higher sense of well-being.


In terms of commercial aspects, usage of daylights eliminate the need for electrical lights in the daytime, thereby saving up to 100% in electricity bills.  The combination of daylights with electrical lights with lighting controls helps in getting requisite lighting inside the work place at any point of time.

There is a degree of heat associated with the electrical lights. When the electrical lights are not used, these heat can be eliminated thereby reducing the work pressure of air conditioners or the HVAC system.

It is also reported that the daylights help in improved sales in retail

Doesn’t daylights bring in heat?

The common question that arises is that daylights bring sun’s heat along with the light. This discourages the use of daylights. While this is true in case of conventional daylights, there are daylights that harvest sunlight without any heat, thereby eliminating the heat to the maximum. These daylights come in two types.One is tubular lighting and the other is a prismatic skylights.


The tubular daylights are in the shape of a tube made of aluminum. The tubular system has three components viz., It has a Sunlight capture system (Light collector), light transfer pipe and double glazed light diffuser. It comes in different diameters and lengths.

Tubular Daylights

Sunlight Capture System

The sunlight capture system, as its name suggests, collects the sunlight. The transparent, clear single piece dome allows light to be
collected across the sky from all directions. It is clear and is made of 3mm thick transparent poly carbonate. It is also UV resistant and allows up to 83% of light.

Light Transfer System

It is an aluminum tube with 98% reflectivity and thickness not less than 4mm. It transfers the sunlight collected by the sunlight capture system.

Light Diffuser

It is moulded, single piece flat/ Dome Shape (like a flat bowl) for better distribution of light. Te material with which it is made is Polycarbonate Clear Bright Prismatic or Pigmented Soft White The thickness is 2mm and the light transmission is not less than 80%.

General arrangement of Tubular Daylights


Prismatic daylights can replace Strip/Roof lights in Industries and Pre-engineered Metal Buildings. It delivers exceptional daylight with negligible or minimal heat transfer. It consists of glazing which may be a single layer or can go up to three layers depending on the requirements.

Prismatic Daylights
Installation of Prismatic Daylights


Prismatic daylights with turbo ventilators

These daylights cab be integrated with turbo ventilators so that the ventilation also be taken care of. It also can be integrated with lighting controls.The sensors in the lighting control regulates the switching of the electrical lights. Based on the preset required lumen level, the lighting control will not switch on the electrical lights when the required lighting is fulfilled by daylights itself. When the lighting from daylights decrease, the lighting control switches on the electrical lights in a phased manner so that at any point of time the required lighting level is maintained by the combination of both daylights and electrical lights. When there is no light from from the daylights in the night time, the electrical lights will glow in full capacity.

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